• WOW! That isthefirst thought you will have when you meet Deanna and her team at Rose Gold Studio. Their excitement and passion forthedetails istheabsolute BEST! Plus they are quick to respond and on top ofthetechnology but still offerthepersonals service unlike big box companies.

    Our invitation suite was part of an upscale custom collection RGS have already created but it wasthedetails we added that made our guests first impression for our wedding. Do not believe when others say you don't need to put a lot of thought intotheinvitations because it setsthetone for your day and RGS nails it!

    On top of using them for our invitations they put together our Day Of and created cohesive elements that matched our theme and décor - it was perfect and creative. We kept it simple when it came totheprograms but all out fortheother items likethecustom bar menu folders andthepersonalized vellum menu at each table stood out. DETAILS that count!!

    And our beverage napkins with our vows were that touch that no one expected-thequality ofthenapkin they sourced is a step above that your guests will notice.

    Theease of reviewing and approving through their custom portal madetheprocess a dream. Plustheportal allowed for payments to be made and tracked.

    When you wantthebest you need to work withthebest.

    Deanna is wonderful and you can sense her heart and you will quickly find out why she isthebest in Ohio!!

    Lisa S, 12/21/2023
  • I really loved my paper goods from Rose Gold! I wanted something nice but didn't want to break the bank and Rose Gold was willing to work with me to make the invites and other materials exactly what I wanted. They even made some small tweaks to their standard materials, so that my invites felt special and unique to my wedding. They were very organized and efficient as well!

    -Kathryn, 2/5/2024
  • Rose Gold Studio truly made our wedding invitation dreams come true! Deanna's personalized approach captured our essence flawlessly inthebeautifully crafted invitations. Her dedication to understanding our style and preferences was evident in every meticulously designed detail.Thecustom stationery and signage added such a special touch to our day. Deanna's talent and passion for design shine through in her work, makingtheentire process an absolute joy. Highly recommend for anyone seeking uniquely tailored, stunning wedding stationery!

    John, 12/30/2023
  • Deanna is everything you could ever want it a designer. Her style is unmatched and she hastheperfect team. She has made all my dreams come to life when it comes to paper. From my baby shower to my daughters first birthday invitations, RGS nails it everytime.

    Sam, 12/20/2023
  • From our first meeting to picking up our amazing invitations Deanna and her staff were a joy to work with. We had a vision when we started and they took it to a next level.
    I can’t recommend Rose Gold enough. They will not disappoint.

    Maria 12/19/2023
  • We loved every single item that Rose Gold Studio designed for our wedding. After one meeting, Deanna understood our wedding aesthetic and produced beautiful designs for our wedding suite. RGS's design timeline and expectations are spelled out in full detail and their approval process is seamless. Thank you Deanna and team!

    Gabrielle, 5/12/2023
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